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Custom Home

March 2021 - February 2022

This custom home is a flat roof minimalist design. We work together with our clients in order to capture their vision and deliver a completed project that meets their expectations.

Custom Home
Xenos 2.jpg

Construction Phase - Framing

May 2021

This custom home involves a lot of window walls and interior shear walls to capture the view of the Puget Sound.

Retaining Wall, Front Porch - Concrete Pour

June 2021

Craig's experience in construction and engineering credentials come in handy when unique structures are required, such as a 10 foot retaining wall.


Building the Deck

October 2021

Craig and Dylan construct the composite deck made of recycled material. For some of the more unique features of a custom home, Craig will take on the task to make sure it meets a client's expectations.

Carpentry Work

November 2021

Craig and Dylan complete the carpentry of the walk-in closet to make sure the drywall fits perfectly for a smooth and minimalist look. For some of the more unique features of a custom home, Craig will take on the task to make sure it meets a client's expectations.

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August 2021 - Spring 2022

Graham Auto Repair in Yelm was a remodel project. The previous structure was an old red retail building. Craig and his team had to demolish a big section of the building and rebuild it and add an additional canopy in the back end of the shop.

Graham Auto Repair_edited.jpg
demo troy 1.jpg


September 2021

Craig and his crew managed to demolish the front portion of the old red building to make room for a new office/guest waiting area. They had to bring out the big toys for this demo.

Bringing Down the Metal Paneling

October 2021

Removing the rest of the walls required a more focused approach. First we had to remove the metal paneling to get to the old wood frame. Craig will take on the more difficult tasks to make sure the structure is safe.

demo troy 2.jpg
Troy's Dylan 2_edited.png

Wood Frame Demolition

October 2021

Dylan tears through the wood framing with a reciprocating saw. This part of the project is fun because you get to tear down and rebuild.

Removing the Forms

November 2021

Here Dylan is removing the forms from the foundation pour. Craig makes sure that he can take on any phase of a project. The trades are very busy so Craig and Dylan formed the footings, smoothed the concrete and then removed the footings to prepare for framing. Quality work and meeting the schedule and staying lean and fair, that's Craig.

Beam Placement

Placing Steel Beams

December 2021

Here the crew is placing a steel beam so they can frame the canopy. Craig's engineering expertise provides the team with the accuracy needed to place the beam with precision. From the exact measurements of the pedestals to the exact alignment of the bolts, Craig's engineering mind sees the details of every point needed for accurate placement.

Commercial Renovation

August 2021

This is the red old building that existed before the demolition. Craig was able to demolish sections of the building and preserve parts that can be used for the auto shop.

Graham auto.jpg
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September 2021 - November 2021

This late 1980s condominium needed a new entrance roof and skylight. We replaced the concrete tile roof with a nice slick metal roofing and an energy code compliant skylight.

Altamonte 6_edited.jpg
altemonte 1.jpg


September 2021

The demolition of the concrete roof was no easy task. Craig and Nancy pulled off each concrete tile and cleaned the space to then replace the old leaking skylight with a new energy code compliant Velux.

Metal Roofing

October 2021

Sizing and cutting the metal roofing requires a lot of time to make sure the panels line up right for a smooth look. Craig and Dylan are the right guys for this difficult job. Craig's engineering mind was a must for this project.

metal roof placing.jpg
altamonte 2.jpg

Soft Wood Repair

October 2021

The water leaks caused some soft wood on the cedar panels, so Craig and Dylan needed to do some detail repairs before replacing the roofing and gutter. A small or large project doesn't change Craig's approach of giving each client the same attention to detail.

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Kitchen Addition

June 2022 - October 2022

This kitchen addition is being added to an existing A Frame House. The addition will include a deck that wraps around and leads out to a built in pool area.

Kitchen rendering_edited.jpg
digging for posts.jpg

Digging for Posts

June 2022

Dylan and Ben are digging the holes for pouring the concrete post that will hold up the kitchen and deck addition. We are really enjoying having Ben on board for the summer to help us with this design build project.

Window Wall Built

July 2022

Dylan and Ben framed the wall and prepared the structure for lifting with the support and guidance of Craig, the master carpenter and engineer. These three strong guys are a good team for getting things built with quality workmanship.

wall .jpg
Wall Built and placed.jpg

Window Wall Placed

July 2022

The window wall was lifted and nailed into place. Craig, Dylan, and Ben lifted the wall they built and nailed 2 x 6s to the sides for added support until the beam is placed and the side walls are framed and attached. This is an exciting design/build project for Craig Vernon Construction & Engineering.

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Beam and Rafter Placement

July 2022

Framing a building requires beams and rafters to give the building structural strength. Here Craig and Ben are bringing up the rafters to attach the walls to the beam and strengthen the structure to withstand wind and snow.

Beam Placement
Dylan and Craig securing the Roof

Nailing the Plywood for Roof Framing

July 2022

Craig and Dylan are working together to ensure the plywood is accurately measured and placed properly for nailing. This prepares the roof for the asphalt roofing material.

A Nail Gun Works Great

July 2022

Thank goodness for Dylan's rock climbing experience because he feels confident on the roof to do all the nailing and on one of the hottest days in Washington.

Dixon Dylan on Roof 2_edited_edited.jpg

The Master Carpenter Does It All

July 2022

Craig has his carpenter belt loaded with the necessary tools and saw in hand. At Craig Vernon Construction the commitment is genuine and real.

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Construction of the Deck

September 2022

The kitchen addition has a wrap around deck that Craig and Dylan constructed with cedar wood. This is an exciting part of the project because the structure is now easily accessible from the backyard.

Deck Building
Deck Railing

Deck Railing

September 2022

Craig and Dylan are using precise measurements to ensure the deck railing is level and per code. This is where a level becomes very important!

Kitchen Interior

September 2022

The kitchen is now opened to the main house and the owners can begin to envision their new kitchen. To open the main house up to the kitchen we had to demolish a section of the A frame roof. The addition brings in a lot a natural light into the main living area.

Dixon Kitchen inside.jpg
Dixon Painted.JPG

Constructing the Steps from the Deck

September 2022

Dylan is finishing the deck by adding the steps down to the backyard. The house is painted and the deck is stained. The addition is looking more like an original part of the A frame house.

Projects: Projects
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